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MBBS admission 2018

உங்கள்அன்புகுழந்தைகளை... உலகத்தரத்தில்ஒருமருத்துவராய்... இந்தியாவில்மட்டுமல்லஅமெரிக்காஉட்படஅனைத்துமுன்னணிநாடுகளிலும்வெற்றிகரமாகபணியாற்றக்கூடியமருத்துவராய்... உருவாக்கமுடியும்.. அதுவும்நீட்தேர்வுஇல்லாமலேயே... முந்துங்கள்... விரைந்துஅழையுங்கள்... 91 944 555 38 77 / 91 944 555 28 77 Are are looking for medical career, UV GULLAS is the best choice…! Can We discuss Why UV GULLAS is the best Choice for our students? In case of medical degree program ,India is following just UK curriculum as it was ruled by UK. This is like state board in school level of education,having limited focus on practical knowledge . And hence the students of this curriculum will face tough competition when they are looking for career after finishing MBBS in India , China, Russia & Europe. In INDIA , the students who became doctors after the successful completion of MBBS , prepares for the PG NEET exam to score at Top Ranking level for their PG program in India. Someone may prepare for PLAB which is the gateway to UK. But normally they couldn’t opt to the World’s No1 career ie USA career which is possible only to those who can clear USMLE ( United States Medical Licensing Examination ). Obviously USMLE is the toughest exam in medical career in the world and it is easy for those medical students who studied either in USA or PHILIPPINES where USA Curriculum is available. Because of this scenario, Our students from India especially from Tamilnadu have been clearing the USMLE in a smart way by choosing UV GULLAS College of Medicine, Cebu City , PHILIPPINES for their medical degree . In addition to MCI recognition, UV GULLAS is awarded AUTONOMOUS Status which is the acknowledgement for the attainment and achievement. The higher success rate in USMLE is possible in UV GULLAS due to the effective Clinic Practice and Clinical Rotation in an efficient way. Special focus at USMLE , always keeps UV GULLAS in distinction . Of Course the students in UV GULLAS clears the USMLE during the study itself. ...1st paper of USMLE in 3rd year of MD and clears the 2nd paper of USMLE in 4th year of MD successively & Successfully . And their career in USA is oftenvisualized even before coming back to India. For the past 2 decades ,even before the implementation of NEET examination, Indian students have been studying in UV GULLAS and hence it is the culture today . For admission: +91 944 555 28 77 / +91 944 555 38 77 / +91 944 555 48 77



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