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#MBBS in Philippines #MBBS admission in Philippines #MBBS in Philippines 2018 #MBBS admission in Philippines 2018 Why Philippines? Immediate Benefit: No need for NEET Permanent Benefit: Assuring ever green profession with the option of medical career in USA Philippines is the 3rd Largest English speaking country in the world. More than 95% of its population speaks English, which is its official language. 20, 000+ foreign students to Philippines each year for education in Engineering, Medical, Dental, Nursing, Shipping, etc. Its capital city is Manila; a Mega city with over 20 million population. The dominant religion is Catholic Christianity with over 93% of the population following it. Philippines is also the largest exporter of Nurses and doctors to the United states. It has a very high education standard with more than 5000 indian students studying medicine in the Philippines. The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate similar to India.
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