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#MBBS in Philippines #MBBS admission in Philippines #MBBS in Philippines 2018 #MBBS admission in Philippines 2018 Top 25 Reasons to Study MBBS in Philippines 1. The MD in Philippines is recognized and approved as an equivalent course to the MBBS by the MCI (Medical Council of India) who has established and maintain uniform standards of medical education. 2. Philippines medical universities are widely renowned in many countries for the superior standard of education and also have listed in the WHO, IMED and ECFMG medical education directories. 3. Professors in the Philippines universities are coming from different countries, including USA and India who are highly qualified and experienced in the allied field. 4. Philippines medical colleges are regulated by the Philippines ministry of education and that is why Philippines colleges do not have any capitation fees as well as no donations to be paid for enrollment. 5. Another advantage of an Indian student is the climate of the Philippines. Philippines climate varies from 23 °C to 32 °C throughout the year, which is very alike to the Indian climate helps Indian students in settling with no trouble. The other advantage of the similar climate is, people having the same pattern of disease which aids to the Indian students who want to practice in India. 6. There is no any donation required to enroll in Philippines medical college, unlikely to Indian medical colleges. 7. Philippines follows US education system that opens numerous opportunities to make a career in English speaking countries inclusive of UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc. 8. The English medium of instruction diminishes the barrier of learning the native language and helps to concentrate only on the study. 9. All the medical colleges in Philippines emphasis on practice over theory give you greater extent of practical experience that helps you during practice. 10. The entire faculty of the Philippines medical colleges is co-operative and ready to help you in every query. 11. As the MBBS degree of Philippines is recognized by MCI, you can practice in India after completing the MCI registration formalities. 12. The MBBS degree of Philippines is recognized by every major country, that proffers you great career opportunity of working in the US, Canada, Australia and other developed countries without any extra course. 13. The living cost at Philippines is very less compare to other along with there is very mere difference in Philippines currency and Indian currency that makes Philippines more affordable. 14. We have a large number of messes and team of Indian chefs to make all the Indian dishes available for Indian students at affordable rates. 15. India and Philippines both havea tropical climate that helps you to quickly adjust to the Philippines climate. 16. Listed on the 12th as the most populous country in the world, hence you will have greater opportunity to practice with a varied and large number of patients. 17. You can easily communicate with patient and a local as the Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking country where almost 94% of Filipinos speak English. 18. If you are planning to migrate at US, there is good news for you. The student can crack the USLME parts I and II in Philippines only under the guidance of medical professors. 19. Philippines is also renowned country for MD, the students coming from US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan and South Korea is an evidence of it. 20. If we look at the data of past years and today, the number of Indian students enrolling for MBBS in Philippines are drastically increased shows its worthiness. 21. Excellent flight connectivity from India offers easy commutation throughout the year 22. Philippines embassy is very liberal, that means it is easy to obtain a student visa and quick processing of documentation. 23. To study MBBS in Philippines approx 20, 000 students enroll every year that shows prominence of the Philippines is not only limited to the India. 24. Universities of the Philippines not only prepare for medical practice, but also prepare students for the MCI screening test. 25. In Philippines getting an admission in UV Gullas, would be the best for foreign students as it is the most secure city in the world in terms of crime.
To know more the details like 1. How to Register immediately for the benefit of your child 2. How to take admission 3. For Support on processing activities like Visa and Air Ticket etc You can directly contact the Admission Office of the University @ India.... UV Gullas Medical College-Admission Office , E2, Second Floor, 51, 100 ft, Road, Vadapalani, Chennai-600026. Mobile: +91-944 555 28 77 / 91-944 555 38 77 / 91-944 555 48 77 E Mail: Web:
#MBBS in Philippines #MBBS admission in Philippines #MBBS in Philippines 2018 #MBBS admission in Philippines 2018 Why Philippines? Immediate Benefit: No need for NEET Permanent Benefit: Assuring ever green profession with the option of medical career in USA Philippines is the 3rd Largest English speaking country in the world. More than 95% of its population speaks English, which is its official language. 20, 000+ foreign students to Philippines each year for education in Engineering, Medical, Dental, Nursing, Shipping, etc. Its capital city is Manila; a Mega city with over 20 million population. The dominant religion is Catholic Christianity with over 93% of the population following it. Philippines is also the largest exporter of Nurses and doctors to the United states. It has a very high education standard with more than 5000 indian students studying medicine in the Philippines. The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate similar to India.
Best MBBS in Philippines Doing MBBS in Philippines is Best MBBS for our Students from India. Why..? American (USA) pattern of Education English Speaking Country: English is an official language of Philippines with the Filipino language. Philippines a former colony of USA and has strong ties with US. 94% of the population speaks English. It is the 3rd largest English speaking country after USA and UK. Talk to patients in English. Easy to understand and follow to improve the skills Strong culture of USMLE preparation and going to the USA for jobs. Many toppers went to the USA from the Philippines. Have tie ups with US Colleges for Clinical clerkship/rotation. Recommendation letters help in getting jobs in the USA after graduation. A tropical country with diseases common in India such as Malaria, Typhoid etc. Great training and clinical experience for students. Indian food, Asian foods available Weather: Tropical – like India ranges from 21 to 37-degree centigrade.
Top Study MBBS at Philippines Studying Medicine in the Philippines is a good choice and opportunity for those who are genuinely interested in becoming a doctor. Among 38 numbers of approved Universities /Colleges, University of the Visayas (UV Gullas College of Medicine) is the favorite for the parents. Especially
Best MBBS in Philippines Good news...Registration open to do MBBS in Philippines at Chennai Office.Contact +91 944 555 38 77 (Call or WhatsApp )
Best MBBS in Philippines, Chennai Good news...Registration open to do MBBS in Philippines at Chennai Office. Rush to reserve...Contact +91 944 555 38 77 (Call or WhatsApp )
Study MBBS in Philippines Good news...Registration open to do MBBS in Philippines at Chennai Office.Contact +91 944 555 38 77 (Call or WhatsApp )
Best MBBS in Philippines Registration open to do MBBS in Philippines at Chennai Office. To book your seat to do the Best MBBS in Philippines ie to take MBBS admission in UV Gullas...Contact +91 944 555 38 77 (Call or WhatsApp )